Miro Talktrack - Give clarity in seconds

Miro Talktrack - Give clarity in seconds

Sep 26, 2023

Meetings popping up when you have other plans? Record a Talktrack.

Think of it as a personal, pre-recorded tour of your thinking built into the Miro board. Now everyone can follow along and understand any concept, all async, adding comments and feedback, whenever and whenever they need it.

With a Talktrack, your team is always up to speed, without slowing down, leaving you to get on with more important stuff.

Experience a Talktrack yourself, click here to play an immersive Talktrack board recording in Miro: https://brnw.ch/MiroTalktrack

Want to learn more about Talktrack? Read more in the Help Center article: https://brnw.ch/TalktrackHelp