Miro for Post-it App Integration

Miro for Post-it App Integration

Mar 8, 2021

Watch Kristin transform her ideas from physical Post-its notes to Miro’s digital sticky notes — keeping the good ideas going (and the dance moves coming) with her remote team.
With the all-new Post-it® App x Miro integration, you can digitize ideas you’ve jotted down on physical Post-it® Notes with the Post-it® App, and then export them directly to Miro’s online whiteboard to riff, share, and bring them to life as a group. The result is an adaptable workflow that unlocks creativity, fosters collaboration, and democratizes ideation, so the whole squad feels seen and heard wherever and however you work.

To keep the learning going, you can explore more tutorials — all free, all virtual — at Miro Academy: https://academy.miro.com

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