Manish Kapur: Optimize these 4 areas to grow your agency

Manish Kapur: Optimize these 4 areas to grow your agency

May 20, 2024

Forget about revenue for a moment. Consider how much more profitable your agency would be if you optimized your team’s time and improved utilization. If you could reduce hiring costs by keeping staff for longer. If you understood the leaky buckets in your outgoings and reduced losses like over-servicing through improved best practice.

Manish Kapur, who has over 25 years of experience in creative ops, explains how he streamlines agency operations and boost profit within agencies of all sizes.

You’ll learn how to improve these 4 pillars within your agency:

  1. Leadership - develop your leaders and improve staff retention.
  2. People - create consistency in performance reviews and offer clear career progression.
  3. Financial Management - plan for the future using forecasts and leading indicators.
  4. Process - be agile and get your team following best practices.

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