InvGate AI Hub: New Artificial Intelligence Capabilities For IT Teams

InvGate AI Hub: New Artificial Intelligence Capabilities For IT Teams

Feb 28, 2024

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GenerativeAI and multimodal models are changing how we relate to technology – and now they will also change your IT service offering!

The InvGate AI Hub consists of a series of features that enable artificial intelligence for IT teams. At its heart is our commitment to build tools IT teams use to enable every other team in the company.

Generally speaking, the AI Hub has some clear advantages:

  • It provides admins with more autonomy and automation capabilities for their teams.
  • It decreases your agents' ticket volume, allowing for even more time-saving.
  • It offers your end-users faster responses and more self-service resources.

The features included in the InvGate AI Hub are: AI-Improved Responses to leverage Generative AI to improve, shorten, or expand help desk agents' ticket replies. Knowledge Article Generation to transform incident resolutions into knowledge articles. Ticket Summarization to automatically generate a recap of the ticket activity so far. Keyword Generation to automatically generate keyword suggestions to add to a new service category. Contextual knowledge article summaries (by Virtual Agent) to provide end-users with a fast way to get the information they need to solve an issue without contacting IT support.

You can check them out in this playlist:

This is just the first beta version of the InvGate AI Hub, but we have so much more planned. So, make sure to stay tuned!

Key moments:
00:00:00 Introduction
00:00:38 What is the InvGate AI Hub?
00:00:53 AI-Improved Responses
00:01:18 Contextual Knowledge Article Summaries
00:01:40 Knowledge Article Generation
00:02:17 Ticket Summarization
00:03:04 Keyword Generation
00:03:31 Conclusion

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