Introduction to Device Groups

Introduction to Device Groups

Apr 11, 2023

Device Groups help prioritize what needs to be done to improve user experience. Customers use them to group by department, line of business, geography, VIP users, and any way they want. With device groupings, it’s easy to understand who has the worst digital experience and why - in real time. Combined with built-in groupings - by network connection, type of device, even by ISP - you'll have fewer issues to deal with, and when issues pop up, you'll fix them faster.

With the hardware information collected by Service Watch Desktop, resource usage, and performance can be compared on devices or per application. By identifying the ISP, network, and connection types, we provide visibility into corporate network and home network performance as well as ISP performance from devices.

There are currently multiple ways of grouping devices including integration-based device groups through active directory organizational units and other methods. They can also be built based on naming conventions used and statically where devices are manually selected for grouping.

00:00:00 Start
00:00:06 What are Device Groups
00:00:35 Out of Box Device Groups
00:00:49 Use Cases for Device Group
00:01:33 Using Device Groups in Dashboards
00:02:10 Network and Connection Performance
00:02:25 ISP Performance
00:02:42 Custom Device Groups
00:03:00 Creating a Device Group
00:04:00 Device Groups Are Great For
00:05:00 End

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