How to kickstart a startup brand

How to kickstart a startup brand

Mar 12, 2021

For a startup to start up fast, it needs a strong brand — i.e., a knack for turning heads, building cred, and communicating value consistently and memorably. Luckily, key brand components can be built quickly.
In this VMUG, we partner with Sara Stojanovski from d.labs, a lean innovation company creating digital ventures with startups and enterprises.

Press play to:

  • Witness some engaging exercises, including how to find the right name and define your brand values, personality, and positioning
  • Create a simple design brief that lets your brand designers quickly translate strategy into core brand assets that will resonate with your target audience and create early traction
  • Go through the process of creating a Minimum Viable Brand — to discover the principles of lean branding, and learn how it lets you move faster and remain flexible enough to evolve the brand over time
  • Hear insights and tips on how to best conduct the branding or rebranding process in practice

We are using this template for the workshop:

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