How to collaborate in Miro

How to collaborate in Miro

May 20, 2021

With Miro, hundreds of users can work together on the same board at the same time –– viewing, commenting, and editing. In this video, we’ll use Miro to gather feedback on designs and along the way we’ll explore locking objects down, setting a start view, commenting, and how to hide and even follow your collaborators.

✨ Locking objects 00:43
✨ Setting a start view 01:01
✨ Collaborating with live cursor-tracking 01:12
✨ Replying to comments 01:36
✨ Adding comments to a Miro board 01:56
✨ Following others around the board 02:07

To keep the learning going, you can explore more tutorials — all free, all virtual — at Miro Academy

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