How to automate your work with Slack

How to automate your work with Slack

Dec 20, 2023

Workflow Builder is a tool in Slack that allows you to automate tasks without needing to know how to code.

You can use it to create workflows that send messages, create forms, or integrate with other apps.

0:11 - Why you need to automate your work

0:28 - What is Workflow Builder?

0:42 - Things you should automate

0:54 - Step-by-step: build your 1st automation

3:53 - Best practices for automations

Here are some examples of common tasks you could automate with the workflow builder:

  • Collecting and providing feedback
  • Requesting help including IT, engineering or creative help
  • Onboarding processes for new employees or partners
  • Prompting status updates such as for a big project

Let’s work together and create a workflow using Workflow Builder, showing you how to get started + some best practices.

Happy automating!