The future of work doesn't care where you work I Atlassian

The future of work doesn't care where you work I Atlassian

Mar 22, 2024

Stagnating innovation, loneliness, and decreased productivity are just a few of the arguments against letting people choose where they work. And yet, offices don’t automatically solve any of these challenges. So what are the answers? How can we inspire creativity and keep people connected in an increasingly global, distributed world? What role should offices play in the future of work?

Global Head of Team Anywhere Annie Dean and Fortune Reporter Jane Thier discuss why it’s time to stop obsessing over WHERE people work and instead focus on HOW they work.


0:00 - Intro

11:25 - Why Atlassian is figuring out distributed work

13:07 - The future of work is about choice

14:25 - The difference between remote, hybrid, and distributed work

18:55 - The real challenges of work

21:06 - The role of the office

27:26 - The benefit of goal clarity

28:00 - Why meetings are for doing work together

39:13 - Benefits of distributed work: talent

40:50 - Benefits of distributed work: efficiency

42:41 - Benefits of distributed work: effectiveness

45:43 - Benefits of distributed work: societal

53:38 - Four principles to focus on for distributed work

57:41 - How to instill distributed work practices through team rituals

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