Employee Monitoring Software for Efficient Teams - Workstatus

Employee Monitoring Software for Efficient Teams - Workstatus

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Are you wondering how to optimize your team’s working hours to make them more productive and get the best of their time and efforts spent?

Workstatus is giving you many reasons to make it an integral part of your day to day management.

Workstatus is a full-featured #employeemonitoringsoftware that helps business owners and team leaders to monitor the activities and optimize the productivity of employees. Here is a list of a few Workstatus features, you can utilize to have a detailed insight of your employee billable time -

  • Screen capture of the active window
  • Time Tracking of time spent on different tasks
  • Live URLs tracking to understand browsing patterns
  • Geofencing / GPS tracking to track attendance on job-site

Watch the complete video to know more about employee tracking software.

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