CurrentWare v5.5.2 Webinar (Q4 2020) | Audit Logons, Compare Productivity by Location, and More!

CurrentWare v5.5.2 Webinar (Q4 2020) | Audit Logons, Compare Productivity by Location, and More!

😀 CurrentWare v5.5.2 IS NOW LIVE! 😀
CurrentWare webinar for version 5.5.2, released October 2020.

In this video CurrentWare’s managing director Neel Lukka and product manager Sai Kit Chu demonstrate the new features and reports. They also discuss the latest improvements to the products and go over an overview of the latest CurrentWare company developments.

  • 🖥️ Track Startup and Shutdown Events
  • 🖥️ Audit Logon Events
  • 🖥️ Compare In-Office and Remote Worker Productivity
  • 🖥️ Block File Transfers, Grant Access to Endpoint Devices, and Track File Transfers to Portable Devices

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Blog: The Key Features of 5.5.2

Release Notes for CurrentWare 5.5.2

(White paper) Employee Monitoring: Best Practices for Balancing Productivity, Security, and Privacy

Internet Acceptable Use Policy Template


00:00 - Overview

00:51 - Employee Monitoring White Paper

01:37 - Internet Usage Policy Template

02:25 - CurrentWare YouTube Channel

03:07 - Knowledge Base

04:01 - New enPowerManager Reports

05:06 - BrowseReporter Enhancements

06:23 - AccessPatrol Enhancements

06:58 - Other Enhancements

07:52 - Product Demonstration

16:09 - Q&A

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CurrentWare is a software company that provides a suite of workforce management solutions for computer monitoring, content filtering, data loss prevention, and remote power management.

CurrentWare’s solutions are adopted by a wide array of government and private organizations including schools, hospitals, libraries, and for-profit businesses. CurrentWare customers improve their user productivity, data security, and business intelligence with advanced awareness and control over how technology is used in their organization.

BrowseReporter, Employee Internet Monitoring
BrowseControl, Content Filtering Software
AccessPatrol, USB Device Control & Data Loss Prevention (DLP)
enPowerManager, Remote Power Manager


Presenters: Neel Lukka and Sai Kit Chu
Illustrations provided by Freepik Stories