BSE Global & Simpplr Intranet - Customer Story

BSE Global & Simpplr Intranet - Customer Story

Aug 31, 2021

Discover how BSE Global was able to streamline and centralize internal communication for the entire organization. Watch this video to learn their customer story and hear from various employees about how their new Simpplr intranet, Center Court, has transformed employee engagement.

Simpplr has allowed BSE Global to create better connections across various departments and opportunities for collaboration. They were they were able to successfully launch the site and connect the entire organization virtually. Center Court has been great for communicating with employees, keeping them engaged, and helping to maintain a sense of community at a time they couldn’t be together in person – a true game changer when it comes to how they share company updates and news.

Simpplr is a modern intranet software that simplifies employee communication and makes it easy to create a connected and engaged workplace.

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