AI: Lessons from the past and hopes for the future w/ Genevieve Bell | Experts Unleashed | Atlassian

AI: Lessons from the past and hopes for the future w/ Genevieve Bell | Experts Unleashed | Atlassian

Professor Genevieve Bell is technology’s first fortuneteller. After 18 years as Intel's resident anthropologist, Genevie joined the Australian National University, where she started ANU’s School of Cybernetics. Today, Genevieve is the 13th Vice-Chancellor and President of the Australian National University.

In episode two of "Experts Unleashed," Atlassian's Dom Price chats with Genevieve about the past, present, and future of AI. They discuss how even though AI is not just one thing, thanks to user experience in tools like ChatGPT, AI is more accessible than ever before. Listen as they dive into the past of AI, where the term originated (fascinating story!), and how movies and science fiction have shaped our perception of the technology.

They also discuss the "My User Manual" Play ( from Atlassian's Team Playbook. It's an exercise designed to help leaders share with their teams, and teammates to share with other teammates HOW they work. Think of it like this: when you buy a TV, it comes with a User Manual. But when you hire a human, there's no such helpful guidance. Ben takes us through his User Manual and how he finds balance and facilitates effective communication in his life.

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The world feels full of thought leadership and frameworks, when we’re actually hungry for lived experience, science, and pragmatic insights. Experts Unleashed seeks out amazing minds from their specialty fields and brings them to you, to unleash their wisdom in a way that will help you put it in action. Each episode aims to educate, provoke, inspire, and then activate… to give you the confidence to try someone new.

In this episode:

Atlassian Team Playbook:



00:00 – Introduction

01:55 – Who is Genevieve Bell

03:35 – My User Manual and Genevieve’s Values

08:25 – 3 chapters to cover on AI

09:20 – Technical Systems and AI – a Constellation

15:07 – Our sociotechnical imagination

19:30 – The superpower of ChatGPT is the UX

22:30 – Lessons from the past and the history of AI

28:25 – Industry interest in AI

33:06 – Understanding the consequences

37:25 – Helping everyone come along for the ride

39:15 – Genevieve’s principles for the future

43:38 – How to find your hope

45:20 – ANU Student Fund