50% Profit Margins Unlocked with Time-Tracking Data w/ @MarketingMax

50% Profit Margins Unlocked with Time-Tracking Data w/ @MarketingMax

May 30, 2024

He went from working 70-80 hour weeks to building a 7-figure agency with 50% profit margins while only working about 1 hour per week.

Today he’s the founder of GrowthDaily.com & AgencyReviews.io & he’s known by his 45,000 followers on X as @MarketingMax, but several years ago he was an agency co-owner struggling to make the sort of money he wanted to make (and enjoy the work in the process).

That’s when a timely LinkedIn post came across his feed & recommend a book that change the course of his agency–and his life–forever.

In today’s conversation with @MarketingMax, you’ll learn:

  • The book that changed the game for his agency
  • The 2 core principles that he learned (& how to implement them in your agency)
  • How he used time-tracking and project profitability data to double his agency’s growth nearly over night

Resources Mentioned in Today’s Episode:

An Agency’s Guide to Measuring And Improving Billable Utilization (Ebook): https://bit.ly/3UWWNVc

Follow @MarketingMax on X: https://twitter.com/MarketingMax

Subscribe to the Growth Daily Newsletter: https://www.growthdaily.com/gd/

Built to Sell: Creating a Business That Can Thrive Without You by John Warrillow: https://www.amazon.com/Built-Sell-Creating-Business-Without-ebook/dp/B004IYISQW

The Client (a film by Umault): https://youtu.be/qwpC2tGibqk

Hiring Secrets from an 8-Figure Agency CEO w/ Eric Siu: https://www.teamwork.com/agencylife/podcast/hiring-secrets-from-an-8-figure-agency-ceo/

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0:00 Introduction to Marketing Max's Journey

01:01 The Book That Changed Everything

03:30 Implementing the New Pricing Model

04:35 The Power of Time-Tracking

08:45 Focusing on Core Services

13:44 The Mad Men Inspired Email

19:12 Scaling with Data-Driven Decisions

28:24 The Discipline of Niching Down

30:38 Building a Sellable Business

44:54 The Importance of Case Studies

47:09 Final Thoughts