5 ways to drive canvas adoption with Slack

5 ways to drive canvas adoption with Slack

Jan 26, 2024

Here are some 5 best practices on how to drive adoption of canvases in Slack across your organization.

0:17 What are canvases in Slack?

0:42 Tip 1 - Use canvases for announcements

1:18 Tip 2 - Find internal champions

1:41 Tip 3 - Keep training your team

2:01 Tip 4 - Use canvases in more areas

2:32 Tip 5 - Move slowly to move fast

Canvases are a tool to help teams organize and share information — completely connected to your Slack workspace. Create or edit a canvas using the Slack features you already know: more tips on that in some of our previous Slack canvas videos.

Canvases help you save time and boost productivity. But the real magic happens when your entire team and company embrace its potential. Here's how you can unlock the next level of effectiveness!

Learn more: https://slack.com/features/canvas

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