5 tips to improve external communication with Slack

5 tips to improve external communication with Slack

Jul 7, 2023

Learn 5 tips to communicate more effectively with external teams and partners with Slack by bringing everyone together (via Slack Connect), collaborating in real time with files, threads, huddles and emojis, never forgetting a task with reminders and saved items, speeding up collaboration with 3rd-party integrations and keeping everything open and secure.

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0:00 Intro from Nancy from the Slack team

0:28 How to bring customers and partners into your Slack

1:39 How to share files, use huddles and emojis to work with your partners

2:37 Stop forgetting tasks?

3:04 Bring all of your other tools into Slack

3:40 Speak openly (enterprise-grade security for every business)

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MORE RESOURCES: Bring everyone together with Slack Connect: (https://sforce.co/tips_to_improve_external_comms_slack-connect) Collaborate in real time with FILES (https://sforce.co/tips_to_improve_external_comms_share-files) THREADS (https://sforce.co/tips_to_improve_external_comms_huddles), HUDDLES (https://sforce.co/tips_to_improve_external_comms_threads) Never forget a task with REMAINDERS (https://sforce.co/tips_to_improve_external_comms_reminders) and SAVED (https://sforce.co/tips_to_improve_external_comms_saved) Speed up collaboration through integrations (https://sforce.co/tips_to_improve_external_comms_integrations) Keep everything open and secure (https://sforce.co/tips_to_improve_external_comms_security)

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