10 design tips to elevate your Miroverse template

10 design tips to elevate your Miroverse template

Jul 9, 2024

🎨 Take your Miroverse templates to the next level with 10 simple tips to make your templates visually stunning and user-friendly. Elevate your designs and make them stand out in our growing library of templates by and for the Miro user community.

🔍 Design tips at-a-glance:

1️⃣ Design at 100% zoom to maintain consistency and prevent distortion.
2️⃣ Maintain consistent formatting, font type, and color schemes for cohesive designs.
3️⃣ Use colors strategically to enhance information hierarchy and user experience.
4️⃣ Utilize font sizes to emphasize importance and guide user attention effectively.
5️⃣ Ensure consistent spacing between elements to improve layout balance and readability.
6️⃣ Enhance visuals with icons, emojis, and photos to add interest and personality to your templates.
7️⃣ Select high-quality imagery to elevate your designs for a professional and engaging look.
8️⃣ Remove ads and spam to keep your template focused and clear.
9️⃣ Capture a relevant thumbnail to add during the template submission flow to accurately captures its purpose.
🔟 Create interactive elements to boost engagement and enhance the user experience within Miro. For inspiration, check out Nhi Tran’s Emoji Retrospective.

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