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9 Ways to Motivate Your Team and Celebrate Success Together

The accomplishment of an important goal in an organization calls for a big celebration. So is the substantial contribution of a team member towards the bottom line of the firm. However, managers are often too busy to notice such endeavors and gestures of the team members. This can demotivate the team and drag down productivity. Therefore, remember to say thank you and celebrate wins.


How to Motivate Your Team During a Rough Time

In any organization, there will be times when things get tough. The company may be going through a difficult financial period, or there may be layoffs and restructuring. In such times, having a motivated and supportive team is more important than ever. We will discuss tips on motivating your team during a rough time.


14 Motivational Gifts Ideas to Boost Employee Morale

Sometimes it’s a hassle coming up with unique and affordable appreciation gifts for employees. Gone are the days when employees used to get excited from the usual and monotonous presents like notebooks with a brand logo or candy bags. To solve this problem, we have articulated a list of 14 unique motivational gifts ideas for your employees, and that too on a pocket-friendly budget. If you are a company owner your should remind your employees that they are valued and appreciated.


Celebrate those little wins to keep your team motivated

The uncertainty fatigue is real. Those “how we’re handling COVID” emails from every business we’ve ever patronized have died down and many of us have settled into something resembling a routine, but most of us are still isolated from friends and family. We’re gearing up for a long summer of, yes, more uncertainty, with only the dim hope of an ambiguous return to “normal life” to cling to.