Exoprise Announces Consecutive Quarters of Accelerating Double-Digit Growth

Exoprise Announces Consecutive Quarters of Accelerating Double-Digit Growth

Waltham, MA – November 16, 2021 – Exoprise, a leading provider of Digital Experience Monitoring (DEM) solutions for Microsoft 365 and Enterprise SaaS applications, today announced that its latest Service Watch solution, launched earlier this year, has driven the company’s growth and global footprint.

Together with network and application synthetics, Service Watch Real User Monitoring provides IT organizations with unprecedented visibility and a complete picture to improve the quality of the end-user experience for a hybrid and distributed workforce. By leveraging digital experience scores, synthesized, and aggregated from composite metrics across applications, networks, and endpoint devices, businesses ensure greater productivity and higher efficiency for their employees.

“This past year has shown us that the basic ability to monitor employee experience in a hybrid environment needs to be improved as IT has no control over the networks used by employees,” said Jason Lieblich, CEO of Exoprise.

“Our customer’s adoption of our unique combination of synthetic monitoring with real-user endpoint monitoring has been critical to resolving remote worker desktop issues, isolating root causes, and ultimately, minimizing downtime for their business. We are excited about this new growth opportunity for us as we continue to charter new markets.”

2021 Business Highlights

  • 7 consecutive quarters of accelerating growth and profit
  • Net dollar retention increased to 125% year over year
  • Onboarded 250% new Service Watch customers this year (adoption of our new product)
  • Diversified customer growth across financial, healthcare, pharma, and manufacturing verticals worldwide
  • Adoption and retention of customers driven by a remote and hybrid #WorkFromAnywhere culture

2021 Product and Feature Highlights

  • Unique Microsoft 365 DEM Solution to Pinpoint Digital Experience Issues – Starting in 2020, Exoprise launched Service Watch Browser to monitor remote employees’ SaaS and web experience. In 2021, the company launched its Service Watch Desktop product for troubleshooting worker issues with network and desktop apps. As millions of users worldwide use Microsoft 365 services (SharePoint, Teams, Outlook, OneDrive, Exchange Online) to manage their work, market demand for the Exoprise Service Watch Real User Monitoring solution exceeded expectations and increased the company’s business volume.
  • Sophisticated Application Network Telemetry and Observability – Service Watch optimizes the digital experience for desktop and thick-client applications such as Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Outlook, WebEx, etc., by capturing low-level network metrics across LAN/WAN, VPN, ISP, and cloud-based proxies. By collecting vital app performance metrics such as response time, latencies, and packet loss network admins can immediately diagnose slowness. Service Watch Desktop accurately characterizes the user experience of apps, networks, and system resources to optimize application delivery no matter where the employee works. IT leaders can correlate application performance data and accelerate decision-making when troubleshooting.
  • End-to-End Microsoft Teams Monitoring for Cross-Team Collaboration – Employees need flexibility today and want to connect with co-workers from anywhere. This has led to an explosion in the usage and dependency on Microsoft Teams as the central hub for corporate content and collaboration. Only Exoprise Service Watch can synthetically and passively monitor ALL aspects of Microsoft Teams to ensure glitch-free audio, video, app, and desktop sharing. Hop-by-hop network diagnostics enable engineers to proactively troubleshoot performance problems and Teams outages.

Revenue Growth Fueling Hiring Spree

Rapid acceleration in the adoption of Exoprise digital experience solutions is fueling a hiring spree at the company across multiple disciplines including sales, product management, product marketing, and engineering. Current open positions for a 100% remote working environment include:

Interested candidates should apply to jobs@exoprise.com.

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About Exoprise

Exoprise enables IT teams to effectively deploy and manage mission-critical, cloud-based applications and services with its monitoring solution. CloudReady provides real-time performance visibility from behind the firewall to the cloud and back with synthetic monitoring. Service Watch provides location-independent end-user experience insights for SaaS and third-party web applications with real user monitoring. By leveraging proactive network path diagnostics, real user experience metrics, actual app usage data, and crowdsourcing data analytics, organizations now have visibility, speed, and agility to easily assure the best cloud service performance. Visit Exoprise at www.exoprise.com; on Twitter @exoprise; and LinkedIn.

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