Why Simpplr - The Best Employee Intranet Software for Today

Why Simpplr - The Best Employee Intranet Software for Today

Nov 1, 2022

Simpplr is the leading AI-powered employee experience platform. Organizations use our products to deliver personalized experiences that inspire and engage their employees. Wherever people work, Simpplr enables them to flourish.

According to Gartner, 9 out of 10 intranets fail. That’s a lot. We’re here to turn that statistic around – which is why Simpplr is backed by research to prevent intranet failure.

It’s not just about rolling out an intranet software – it’s about rolling out the right one. We’re easy to use and enterprise-grade, which is part of why Simpplr is widely regarded as the best intranet software available. Simple design and easy usability are in our DNA.

With the ability to onboard 10,000+ employees in under a month, there are plenty of reasons why Simpplr is the best company intranet available.

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