What is a Basecamp Project? - Basecamp Basics

What is a Basecamp Project? - Basecamp Basics

Nov 21, 2022

To understand how Basecamp works, you have to understand what a project is. In this Basecamp Basics video, Kimberly from Basecamp's Customer Success team explains the four ways that projects can be used – as a headquarters for your entire company, as a hub for an internal team or department, for time-based work, or as a subset of work from a larger project.

You can learn more about Basecamp's project management software at https://basecamp.com/

Videos in the Basecamp Basics Series:

  1. Overview – https://youtu.be/peGIkgNBDNU
  2. Home Screen – https://youtu.be/O7eRMW236HU
  3. What is a Project? – https://youtu.be/5vPZ-4vs-Lo
  4. Starting a Project – https://youtu.be/A-4AVHEbJKQ
  5. Inviting People to Collaborate – https://youtu.be/RjMYptiqVgM
  6. Understanding Notifications – https://youtu.be/L9wox1rK-Ec