Welcome to Courier

Welcome to Courier

Oct 6, 2021

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Welcome to Courier.

We like put your engineers first, so we have designed a reliable, customizable, and cost-efficient notification system that only takes minutes to integrate into your product.

To get started, head over to your Courier app and create your account. The onboarding process will walk you through creating and sending your first notification. You can use the application to build, send, automate, and monitor the status of all of your outbound messages.

The dashboard provides an overview of your API usage and performance. Follow the steps in the Designer to create notifications, choose your channels and providers, design your messages, and send them out. You can also use the Designer to build powerful automation templates to schedule messages, batch send messages, and send reminders. The data page allows you to monitor the timeline of every single message, check their delivery status, and check the logs of undelivered messages to find and fix bugs quickly.

Get started with your Courier journey by logging into [app.courier.com](http://app.courier.com)!