Understanding the Basecamp Home Screen - Basecamp Basics

Understanding the Basecamp Home Screen - Basecamp Basics

Nov 21, 2022

In this Basecamp Basics video, Kimberly from Basecamp's Customer Success team walks through the Basecamp Home Screen. You'll learn how to add your company logo, pin your most important projects to the top, view projects in a list, and quickly jump between projects with a quick keyboard command.

You can learn more about Basecamp's project management software at https://basecamp.com/

Videos in the Basecamp Basics Series:

  1. Overview – https://youtu.be/peGIkgNBDNU
  2. Home Screen – https://youtu.be/O7eRMW236HU
  3. What is a Project? – https://youtu.be/5vPZ-4vs-Lo
  4. Starting a Project – https://youtu.be/A-4AVHEbJKQ
  5. Inviting People to Collaborate – https://youtu.be/RjMYptiqVgM
  6. Understanding Notifications – https://youtu.be/L9wox1rK-Ec