Team '24 - highlights | Atlassian

Team '24 - highlights | Atlassian

Distributed teams, artificial intelligence, and work silos are just a few of the challenges organizations face. We think technology should make work easier, not harder, and that connected teams equal successful teams.

Join founders Mike Cannon-Brookes and Scott Farquhar, and President Anu Bharadwaj, to hear how Atlassian will power the future of teams to make the impossible, possible.


0:00 Intro, Atlassian's system of work

0:41 Jira for all teams

2:00 New AI features in Confluence and Loom

2:50 Premium Jira Product Discovery

3:28 Loom for development teams

3:50 Optic acquisition

4:15 Optic + Compass

4:31 New incident response capabilities

5:11 Atlassian Intelligence

7:20 Instant service desks

7:35 Atlassian University is free for all

7:50 Atlassian Guard - cloud security

8:48 Atlassian Rovo, Rovo Agents

Mike Cannon-Brookes, Co-founder and co-CEO, Atlassian
Scott Farquhar, Co-founder and co-CEO, Atlassian
Anu Bharadwaj, President, Atlassian

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