Simpplr - The Modern Intranet Software in 1 Minute

Simpplr - The Modern Intranet Software in 1 Minute

Oct 6, 2021

Keeping employees connected and engaged within an organization is complex. And with people working across multiple locations, it gets even worse. It should be simpler, and now it is…

Discover Simpplr, the modern intranet software that connects people, creates conversations, answers questions, shares ideas, and finds information on any device, form anywhere. Hear about company news, events, policies, and more, it’s all in one place. Simpplr is purpose-built to help your employees collaborate across departments and stay connected to the broader organization.

Simpplr is ready to use, highly configurable, simple, yet powerful, making it easier to b ring your organization together. Now, no one is left in the dark.

Welcome to Simpplr, the modern employee intranet software and the easiest way to connect and align your distributed workforce.

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