ServiceNow Chatbot with Workflow Automation

ServiceNow Chatbot with Workflow Automation

Oct 7, 2020

Enhance your ServiceNow experience with Slack or Microsoft Teams chatbot and workflow automation, from Workativ.

For ServiceNow users and organizations using Slack or Microsoft Teams, Workativ enables you to deliver an AI-powered contextual chatbot with workflow automation, to enable 24/7 conversational self-service for your employee support. 

In this video, you can learn about:-

  • Workativ’s one-click integration with ServiceNow and Slack for AI-based Self-Service
  • A platform purpose-built for workplace support vs. other generic chatbots and automation tools
  • Auto-resolution of IT and HR issues and workflows process via Slack
  • The value you can provide to employees with our platform, integrated with ServiceNow and Slack.