Product Hunt Launch | Troy Goode | | Wuphf 2.0

Product Hunt Launch | Troy Goode | | Wuphf 2.0

Jun 24, 2021
Hello Product Hunt!

The rest of the Courier team and I have been building an exciting new way to design, send, and monitor all of your app's user notifications. As you may have heard in my video above, we understand that notifications are difficult to get right. So much so that most of us aren't excited about receiving many of them.

Today, we are proud to launch our single API to manage all of your messaging APIs and a clever, easy to use design studio. Courier's UI unites product and engineering to have power over their notifications strategy.

Wuphf was one of The Office's funniest bits many years ago, but was also a surprisingly relevant idea. We don't want to miss important notifications, so it triggers alerts to your cell phone, home phone, email, Facebook, Twitter, and fax. Being plugged into every provider is the correct next step, but where they got it jokingly wrong was sending it to every provider at the same time. Our platform ensures notifications are sent through the right channel at the right time, minimizing distracting and annoying notifications.
I'm sure some of you caught this last week.


  • Integration Test Email #1

World famous, this team would have had a much easier time testing in Courier's test environment, before pushing to production!

We would love to hear what you think, and encourage you to check out all of our API endpoints and Design Studio. Those are where the dreams come true.

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