New in Basecamp: Timesheet

New in Basecamp: Timesheet

Jun 26, 2024

Need to track time so you can bill your client? Want to know who's spending how much time on what?

Introducing Timesheet, an add-on that makes tracking time simple.

Track time by clicking the green timer at the top of to-dos, cards, docs, and more. To capture work that happened elsewhere, add time to the project itself on the project home page. You can add hours for other people on the project, too, which is handy if they forgot.

The green timer shows the total hours for the project or the specific item. To view the details for the entire project, click the ••• menu on the project homepage, then See the Timesheet. Don’t worry, clients don’t have access to Timesheet.

There’s also a new report under Activity that shows totals across your projects. Click Timesheets, then filter the report by project, person, or date range if needed. Download a CSV file if you need to use the data elsewhere.

Timesheet is included in the Pro Unlimited plan or you can purchase the add-on for your account.

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