The Must-Have Forecast Model to Grow Your Agency w/ Garrett Mehrguth

The Must-Have Forecast Model to Grow Your Agency w/ Garrett Mehrguth

Mar 21, 2024

Today he runs an agency doing $25MM in ARR with around 150 employees. But–as the story usually goes–this success didn’t come overnight & started with much more humble beginnings.

From not getting paid by one of his first clients to gaining traction with small monthly retainers on Fiverr to now running a successful performance marketing agency for SaaS companies, Garrett Mehrguth, CEO of Directive, has learned a forecasting model that’s allowed him to scale his agency well beyond those humble beginnings.

In today’s conversation, he shares:

The 2 part financial forecasting model you need to grow your agency
The common mistake agency owners make regarding executive pay
How to set goals that are meaningful, yet attainable, for your team

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00:00 Humble Beginnings of a Multi-Million Dollar Agency

04:29 Learning from Failure: The First Client Experience

13:16 Understanding EBITDA

20:17 The Two-Part Forecast Model

23:51 The Art of Setting Stretch Goals

27:10 Success Story: Directive's Startup Division

34:29 The Importance of Differentiation

38:25 Agency Life Fast Five

46:13 Shoutouts & Conclusion