Meet the Simpplr Employee Communications Platform - Demo

Meet the Simpplr Employee Communications Platform - Demo

Mar 23, 2021

The modern workplace is rapidly evolving, and let’s face it - traditional intranets just weren’t built for today’s remote demand.

That’s why we built Simpplr, the modern employee communications solution designed to connect and align the most complex and distributed workforces.

Today, employees are often:

  • Buried with irrelevant information
  • Have to work to stay in the know
  • Or are often left out entirely

Here’s how we fix that.

In this Simpplr intranet demo, see how we designed a sleek, modern, and easy-to-use platform that top workplaces use to connect and align complex and distributed workforces. We make it Simpplr.

Learn how built-in employee collaboration and social capabilities create a culture of engagement across organizations that’s proven to drive genuine employee engagement.

Simpplr is all about making information access easy and accessible, which is why our AI-assisted search makes information a click away at all times. That includes access to popular content platforms like Google Drive, Office 365, and over 50 other platforms (it really is that simple).

Worried about employee communications getting bogged down by stale information or poorly engaged content? Our auto-governance system auto-admins content to keep important information front-and center while retiring old or under-engaged content.

You don’t have to know how intranets work to know how Simpplr upgrades employee communications. The world is evolving, and the needs of employees and organizations is too.

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