Introducing Auto Governance Engine - Content Management by Simpplr

Introducing Auto Governance Engine - Content Management by Simpplr

Oct 26, 2020

Too many intranets fail and become stale, overloaded, and useless dumping grounds. It’s time for the intelligent revolution, content revolution, and governance revolution. Simpplr’s Auto-Governance Engine solution uses AI to keep content fresh, searchable, and relevant. Because let’s face it, your company doesn’t need another junk drawer.

The Auto-Governance Engine will manage intranet content that’s outdated, alert authors to act, audit what others are up to, set expiration dates, surface what’s in demand, see what’s collecting dust, control versions, and pull the latest content from other systems even if it hasn’t been uploaded to the intranet.

Finally, an intranet content management solution that people trust, use, and that works for you; and we mean it actually does the work for you. The modern intranet is here. Auto-Governance Engine is here.

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