How to build Zoho People Chatbot - FREE

How to build Zoho People Chatbot - FREE

Jan 5, 2023

Pre-built Zoho People Chatbot
Get your FREE Zoho People Chatbot at and then connect your Zoho People app.

Enhance your Zoho People experience with Slack or Microsoft Teams chatbot and app workflow automation, from Workativ.

For Zoho People users and organizations using Slack or Microsoft Teams, Workativ enables you to deliver an AI-powered contextual HR chatbot with app workflow automation, to enable 24/7 conversational self-service for your employee HR support.

Steps to build Zoho People Chatbot with app automation:-

0:00 View how end-user can use Zoho People bot to resolve their issues

3:17 Download the prebuilt Zoho People bot

4:36 Download Zoho People app workflow

5:30 Connect app workflow with your Zoho People account

7:44 Deploy the bot in Slack or MS Teams or Website

In this video, you can learn about:-

  • How to resolve user HR issue instantly using Zoho People Bot
  • One-click integration of chatbot with Zoho People
  • How to download pre-built Zoho People bot and go live in minutes.
  • How to download pre-built Zoho People app workflows and go live instantly.

What is Workativ?
Workativ is a FREE no-code SaaS platform for companies to quickly build, automate, and deploy conversational AI chatbots with app workflow automation out-of-the-box in less than 60 mins. No coding required. Workativ differentiates itself by focusing on employee IT & HR support digital and hybrid workplace transformation. Along with chatbot, Workativ comes with a powerful app workflow automation engine and out-of-the-box automation marketplace with prebuilt bots, and 600+ pre-built app workflows for the chatbot. Workativ Assistant fully automates a request, e.g., the onboarding of new employees, creating and managing distribution lists, unlocking accounts, password resets, creating tickets, and much more. Because of a fully automated solution, with an automation marketplace for workflows, the time on resolving issues and requests is drastically reduced to few seconds, enabling more productivity for employees, HR, and IT Help Desk support teams.

Features -

Chatbot Builder
App Workflow Builder
Create Multiple Bots
Multi-Step App Workflows
Bot Marketplace (Pre-built Bots & App workflows)
Bot training, testing, logs, performance dashboard
Approval Management
On-prem App Connector
Chat Channel Integration (e.g., Teams, Slack etc)
Chat Widget
Live Agent Handover (e.g., Teams)
FAQ Builder
Bot fully customizable using No-Code.
Digital Onboarding
70+ App Integrations

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