How to build HR Chatbot in 10 Mins

How to build HR Chatbot in 10 Mins

Mar 26, 2021

See how an HR admin builds and deploys a powerful HR chatbot in Teams for employees in less than 10 minutes
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0:00​ Introduction - HR Chatbot
0:42​ Download HR workflows from Marketplace
0:57​ Deploy workflows
1:31​ Build conversations using Chatbot Builder
4:25 Call workflow actions from Chatbot
6:45 Testing HR Chatbot
7:27 Deploy Chatbot in MS Teams or Slack
7:38 Conclusion

"We take you through Workativ Assistant, a SaaS no-code platform that builds, automates and deploys conversational AI chatbots with workflow automation.

In this video, we would cover Chatbot Builder, Workflow Builder and Chatbot integration functionalities along with an end-user chatbot for HR support scenarios

Chatbot Builder - Builds chatbot dialogs for various end-user use cases

Workflow Builder - Create and deploy your app workflows actions in order to execute in your dialogs

Chatbot Integration - Deploy your chatbot in your favorite chat channels such as MS Teams or Slack"