How to build Digital Assistant in 10 Mins

How to build Digital Assistant in 10 Mins

Apr 8, 2021

Learn how to create a intelligent Digital Assistant with workflow automation capabilities in less than 30 minutes

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0:00​ Introduction - Digital Assistant
0:17​ Workativ Chabot for Slack
3:39​ Use Prebuild Workflows
4:24​ Build conversations using Chatbot Builder
5:05​ Call workflow actions from Chatbot

"We take you through Workativ Assistant, a SaaS no-code platform that builds, automates and deploys conversational AI chatbots with workflow automation.

In this video, we would cover Chatbot Builder, Workflow Builder and Chatbot integration functionalities along with a enduser chatbot for workplace support

Chatbot Builder - Builds chatbot dialogs for various end user use cases

Workflow Builder - Create and deploy your app workflows actions in order to execute in your dialogs

Chatbot Integration - Deploy your chatbot in your favourite chat channels such as MS Teams or Slack"