Flowace : Single sign on SSO

Flowace : Single sign on SSO

Apr 15, 2024

Single sign-on (SSO) is your key to unlocking a world of convenience and security. Imagine logging in once in the morning and seamlessly accessing all your work applications, like Flowace, Google Drive, Slack, and Asana, without needing to remember multiple passwords.

That's the power of SSO! It acts like a central hub, allowing you to use one set of credentials to access all your authorized applications. No more struggling to remember different passwords or wasting time logging in repeatedly.

Benefits of SSO:

Convenience: Streamlined login process saves you time and frustration.
Security: Reduces the risk of password breaches by using strong central authentication.
Improved Productivity: Focus on your work, not remembering login details.

Flowace integrates with popular SSO providers like Okta and Azure Active Directory, making time tracking and managing your productivity a breeze!

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