Customizing the Basecamp Project Tools

Customizing the Basecamp Project Tools

Mar 6, 2023

One of the best ways to personalize a Basecamp project is to customize the project tools. In this video, Kimberly from Basecamp's Customer Success team walks through how to change and rename the tools inside a Basecamp project as well as why you might want to use duplicate tools in a project. We'll even give you a glimpse into how the team at Basecamp has organized a few projects with multiple tools.


00:00 - Introduction

00:49 - Changing Tools in a Basecamp project

01:10 - Renaming the Basecamp Tools

01:24 - Duplicating Tools in a project

01:45 - How the Basecamp team uses duplicate Message Boards

02:31 - How Basecamp's mobile team uses multiple Card Tables

03:08 - Using multiple To-do tools to organize work amongst your team

03:25 - Creating multiple Schedules within a project

04:04 - Using multiple Campfires when working with clients

04:30 - Creating multiple Docs & Files tools and moving files between them

04:56 - Wrap-up

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