Creating Basecamp Project Templates

Creating Basecamp Project Templates

Feb 3, 2023

If you're creating the same type of Basecamp projects over and over again, you can save time by creating a Basecamp template. In this video, Kimberly from the Basecamp Customer Success team walks through how to create a Basecamp template. You'll even learn how assigning tasks and setting relative due dates within a template are handled once a project is created.


00:00 - Introduction

00:11 - Starting a new project template in Basecamp

00:40 - Setting up your template like a Basecamp project

01:16 - Assigning to-dos and tasks in the Basecamp template

01:33 - Making a new Basecamp project from a template

02:11 - How Basecamp works with dates on templates

02:45 - Editing a template and adding relative dates

03:29 - Starting a new Basecamp project with relative dates

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