Courier Live: Trick-or-Treating From a Distance Using Slack

Courier Live: Trick-or-Treating From a Distance Using Slack

Oct 30, 2020

Aydrian and Nate use Slack buttons to create a socially distance alternative to traditional Trick-or-Treating using Courier.
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02:54 - The Smart Security Camera Project Overview
07:23 - Building a Slack App
09:35 - Setting the needed Slack App scopes
12:20 - Creating a channel and adding the bot user to it
14:08 - Creating a Slack notification in Courier
22:44 - Creating a test event and previewing the notification
24:41 - Adding Slack profile information and sending the notification
27:18 - Making the Slack buttons work using a Glitch Server app
40:54 - Connecting the Glitch app to the Slack Application
43:06 - Replacing the Slack message on button click

Smart Security Camera Project:
Glitch App:!/alert-quartz-freedom

Aydrian Howard, Developer Advocate:
Nate Munger, Head of Customer Success:

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