Courier Live: Supercharging Webhooks Part Deux

Courier Live: Supercharging Webhooks Part Deux

Nov 18, 2020

Shyamal Ruparel from Contentful joins Aydrian to continue working on sending notifications to subscribers of a blog powered by Contentful.
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0:00:30 - Contentful Stream recap
0:03:24 - Updating the Subscribe to Everyone
0:05:15 - Setting up the Contentful Webhook and creating a Python Flask Route
0:24:57 - Using the payload from the Contentful Webhook to make a Courier Send call
0:39:55 - Creating the notification in Courier
0:47:40 - Mapping the event to the notification
0:49:10 - Testing the send from a Contentful publish
0:53:00 - Looking at the Send Log timeline
1:04:26 - Adding an unsubscribe link (use {$.recipient})

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