Courier Live: Sending notifications from a Jamstack site

Courier Live: Sending notifications from a Jamstack site

Sep 21, 2020

Paul Chin, Jr from Begin joins Aydrian and shows him how to use Begin to stand up a simple website with a form to send to Slack & SMS using Courier.
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01:47 - What is Begin?
07:48 - Creating the Begin app
10:52 - Adding a form to the website
15:15 - Overview of Infrastructure-as-Code with OpenJS Architect
17:43 - Creating the serverless function to handle the form submit
24:14 - Writing the logic for the POST endpoint
28:07 - Connecting the form to Courier
31:54 - Creating a Slack App to use with Courier and creating env vars
39:40 - Sending a test and viewing it in the Courier Logs
40:54 - Creating a Courier Notification
43:48 - Mapping the Notification to the event
44:31 - Testing the new Slack Notification
51:42 - Connecting the Urgent button with zero code changes
53:49 - Adding SMS with Twilio to the notification
55:36 - Enabling SMS using a condition

Aydrian Howard, Developer Advocate:
Paul Chin, Jr, Dev Relations at Begin:

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