Courier Live: Sending Interactive Emails Built With Parcel

Courier Live: Sending Interactive Emails Built With Parcel

Oct 27, 2020

Avi Goldman, founder of Parcel, joins Aydrian to talk about interactive email. Together they create an interactive welcome email to send using Courier.
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0:00:50 - What is Parcel?
0:03:52 - What is an Interactive Email?
0:06:14 - Building the Interactive Email using Parcel
0:35:12 - Setting up the form submission using email tracking
0:39:39 - Setting up a Glitch Node.js/ExpressJS app to handle the submission
0:46:02 - Using the Courier Node.js SDK to subscribe the recipient to lists
0:54:34 - Creating a Courier Notification using the Interactive Email code
1:00:19 - Sending the email using the Courier Send Tab
1:04:07 - Handling the fallback case
1:05:52 - Demoing the Interactive Welcome Email in Apple Mail

Glitch App:!/courier-parcel
Courier Node.js SDK:

Aydrian Howard, Developer Advocate:
Avi Goldman, Founder at Parcel:

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Parcel: The code editor built for email development.

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