Courier Live: Content, Notifications and IoT

Courier Live: Content, Notifications and IoT

Feb 10, 2021

Shy from Contentful joins Aydrian to continue working on the Adafruit MagTag. They work on sending the displayed blog post from Contentful to a Discord channel using Courier.
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01:09 - Intro of the Adafruit MagTag
03:02 - Project recap and what we accomplished previously
06:58 - Connecting the MagTag to Courier using Python and the Send API
09:00 - Overview of the MagTag code
12:23 - Coding the request to the Courier Send API
25:10 - Making the request to Courier when a button is pressed
34:20 - Viewing the request in the Courier Logs
35:40 - Setting up the Discord Integration in Courier
39:50 - Creating the recipient profile using the Courier Profile API
49:00 - Creating the Discord notification in Courier
56:13 - Sending the Discord notification using the MagTag Button

Check out part 1 where they use the Contentful GraphQL API and get some of the latest blog posts from the Contentful website to display on the e-ink screen.

Adafruit MagTag:

Aydrian Howard, Developer Advocate:
Shy Ruparel, Developer Evangelist:

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