Bring Your Team to Basecamp | Basecamp Office Hours

Bring Your Team to Basecamp | Basecamp Office Hours

May 8, 2023

In this Basecamp Office Hours session (recorded live on May 4, 2023), Ashley, Laura and Kimberly from the Basecamp Customer Success team are joined by longtime Basecamp users Nathan Sykes and Dinos Papoulias. During this one-hour session, the team talks through some best practices for bringing your team to Basecamp and getting colleagues onboarded and familiar with a new system. They demo the Basecamp project management software in addition to answering questions live.


00:00 - Introduction

04:45 - Basecamp Community

05:25 - Introduction of Office Hours special guests

08:26 - Basecamp 101 onboarding project walk-through

17:18 - Creating templates for client projects

23:30 - Project start and end dates and the Lineup

24:50 - Automatic Check-ins

26:23 - Renaming Tools

27:28 - Email Forwarding

30:20 - Getting colleagues to stop using Campfires and Pings

33:40 - Doors

35:26 - Indicating priorities on Card Table

37:17 - Uploading photos or videos to Docs & Files

39:00 - Audit trail of who has done what in Basecamp

40:49 - Top features to convince team to switch to Basecamp

46:23 - Any tips for using Docusign with Basecamp?

49:06 - 3rd Party Integrations & Basecamp API

49:46 - Time Tracking in Basecamp

50:27 - Transitioning a team from earlier versions of Basecamp

53:00 - How to reach out to the Customer Success team,

Helpful Links:
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🔗 To-Dos Video Tutorial:
🔗 Automatic Check-ins:
🔗 Customizing Project Tools video tutorial:
🔗 Email Forwards:
🔗 Message Board vs. Campfire vs. Pings video tutorial:
🔗 3rd Party Integrations:
🔗 Basecamp Public API:

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