Basecamp for Marketing Teams | Basecamp Office Hours

Basecamp for Marketing Teams | Basecamp Office Hours

Apr 26, 2023

In this Basecamp Office Hours session (recorded live on April 6, 2023), Ashley, Laura and Kimberly from the Basecamp Customer Success team are joined by Basecamp's Head of Marketing Glenn Pajarito. During this one-hour session, the team shows how Basecamp can be set up for use by marketing teams while they demo the Basecamp project management software, share best practices, and answer customer questions live.


00:00 - Introduction

04:55 - Introduction of Head of Marketing Glenn Pajarito

05:55 - Basecamp commercial produced by Basecamp marketing team

06:51 - Glenn shares his background and experience with Basecamp

11:07 - Glenn walks through his Basecamp home screen and shares how his projects are broken out

16:56 - Using Basecamp to connect with colleagues socially

18:34 - Glenn walks through a time-based project involving a client

21:00 - Using the Message Board to kick-off a project

21:45 - Posting documents in a Basecamp project for a marketing project, such as storyboards

24:00 - Using To-Dos vs. Card Table for marketing projects

28:06 - Best ways to use CardTable

30:00 - Grouping tasks into "subtasks" and working across teams

34:12 - Using Basecamp for creating a content calendar

38:06 - Changing tools in a project and adding a card table

39:25 - How to get more assistance with the help menu

40:30 - Managing tasks/reminders to send recurring invoices to clients

42:43 - Managing process improvement plans in Basecamp

45:22 - Calendar integration for projects

49:00 - Other software tools that the team uses in addition to Basecamp

50:25 - Linking to outside software or services in a Basecamp project

51:30 - Using Basecamp card table to replace a ticketing software

55:10 - Seeing status changes for Card Table cards

56:47 - Using Steps in card table vs. to-do list

57:53 - Differentiating projects with emojis or colors
1:00:02 - All-access projects
1:00:45 - Templates for card tables
1:00:59 - Hill Charts and Lineup
1:03:07 - How to reach out to the Basecamp team

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