37signals: Live design review for "Basecamp project stacks"

37signals: Live design review for "Basecamp project stacks"

Sep 18, 2023

In this live design review with Jason (product), Brian (product manager), and Dorin (designer), we discuss a new Basecamp feature in development that allows people to organize their projects into stacks.

This design includes a round of simplification in response to a more complicated design we looked at last week (not part of this video).

We talk about the pros and cons of the design compared to the previous round, some limitations around how it works (and perhaps could work differently), design and type details, interaction details, and more. We also debate the merits of different approaches, pinning vs. unpinning, maintaining state and status vs. changing on drag, and more.

Finally, we discuss an approach to shipping this without initial support on mobile. Should we wait a couple weeks until that's ready? Should we ship now? How can we approach this?

Hope you find this useful!