Freshworks: Understanding benchmark-driven customer support

Freshworks: Understanding benchmark-driven customer support


Get better at customer support by benchmarking your performance

Metrics play a crucial role in customer support. By quantifying your team’s performance, you’ll be able to set realistic targets for your team and also increase individual accountability.

In order to draw insights from your metrics, you need to benchmark them against your competitors and industry. These insights can help you identify the opportunities where you can improve and weed out the inefficiencies in your support processes.

We have identified customer satisfaction benchmarks that will help you set context on the kind of metrics your company should target. These benchmarks are based on a variety of factors such as region, industry, and helpdesk adoption.

In this webinar, we’ll take a closer look at these insights and answer your questions about increasing your support efficiency through benchmarking.

What we’ll be covering in this 30-minute session:

  • Identifying key support metrics that matter across different industries
  • Setting the right targets based on your industry benchmarks
  • Identifying how a helpdesk software can help you achieve your support objectives
  • Understanding future trends that will influence your customer support