Freshworks: How Chatbots Improve Customer Experience and Increase Revenue

Freshworks: How Chatbots Improve Customer Experience and Increase Revenue


How chatbots improve customer experience and increase revenue

Businesses recognize the need to connect with customers instantaneously. And, as consumers continue to embrace automated self-service, business leaders are becoming aware of its benefits. It’s clear that AI-powered chatbots have the ability to significantly improve customer support by means of providing instantaneous gratification.

Many companies see a significant decrease in ticket volume to the effect of common queries handled by bots and seamlessly passed on to a human whenever necessary. Agent time is freed up for more complex issues and customers are happier. They do not have to deal with long wait-time, instead they are offered immediate assistance thereby resulting in improved CSAT scores. Timely engagement at the right customer touchpoints have resulted in businesses seeing upto 30% increase in profits.

Join us on this webinar, as we share our experiences and knowledge on the positive business impact chatbots can bring to your customer service and customer experience strategy. Get a sneak-peek into how your industry peers are leveraging technology to hit revenue targets.

Discover how to leverage chatbots to:

  • scale customer support without having to hire new resources
  • handle larger ticket volumes by deflecting common queries
  • increase profits upto 30% with conversational AI bots