Freshworks: A Guide to Proactive Customer Support on Social Media

Freshworks: A Guide to Proactive Customer Support on Social Media


Social media has changed the way businesses interact with people

I’m Vlad, Co-founder of Planable and I love the internet. No other invention has defined my generation of people (born in the 90s) as much as the internet. The internet has played a huge role in shaping us, our opinions and beliefs over the years. It has also helped us massively in meeting like-minded people, connecting with businesses that we like and accessing more opportunities than ever possible. Social media has reshaped from being small communities of similar-minded people to a place where people and businesses form connections across the entire planet.

Brands are constantly trying to jump into conversations, make memes, be noticed and trend on social media networks. One of the biggest benefits for a business nowadays is that they are able to reach and influence customers directly on a whole other level without any middle layers whatsoever. It also gives customers a huge platform to praise businesses publicly whenever they have a great experience or rant about a bad one.

This is where businesses have to focus more in 2019.

Brands have to listen, interact and understand the needs of customers and provide them the best solution to retain customer loyalty. Join us for this webinar as we talk about how brands can step up the game and start providing stellar, proactive customer support on social media to retain their customers.

Here’s the agenda of the webinar:

  • Benefits of proactive customer support in social media
  • Key things to keep in mind when providing proactive support
  • Metrics involved in proactive customer support on Social Media
  • Lessons learned from the best brands
  • A live Q&A with Vlad Claus, Co-founder of Planable