Basecamp features that save you hassle

Basecamp features that save you hassle

Nov 16, 2023

Pretty neat right?

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  1. Group projects in one folder:
  2. The Jump Menu:
  3. Profile pic shortcut: just click the pic!
  4. Generate a public link:
  5. Latest Activity: h
  6. Weekly Automatic Checkins:
  7. Don't Forget:
  8. Focus Mode:
  9. Out of Office:
  10. Turn project tools on/off:
  11. Rename project tools:
  12. 12: Add a door:
  13. 13: Collaborate with clients:
  14. Start/end dates: Click the 3-dot menu (upper right), then click 'Edit project details'
  15. 15: The Lineup:
  16. 16: Add markers:
  17. 17: Just following:
  18. Grab files in pings and chats:
  19. Quick Jump icon: Just click the 4-panel icon at the top of your project page to navigate
  20. Project template:
  21. To-do list template:
  22. View To-dos as cards: On To-do homepage, click 'View as' in the upper right
  23. Add info to multiple to-dos at once:
  24. 24: My Bookmarks:
  25. My Drafts:
  26. My Assignments:
  27. 27: Email assignments every Monday:
  28. Add steps to cards:
  29. See all recent Basecamp announcements:

Some helpful videos if that's more your style ▶️
Basecamp Quick Tips:
Beyond the Basics Tutorials:
Basecamp Basics Tutorials:

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