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10 Time Management Tools For Juggling Timely Deadlines

You’re likely handling many projects at any particular time, regardless of what your business card says. It’s certainly a regular weekday if you’re calling a foreign client with Chanty while also sending out meeting invites and emailing your current reports to your boss. Multitasking isn’t just a hot trend; it has become the key to success.

12 Proven Ways to Boost Your Oral Communication

Oral communication is a means of conveying information through language. Verbal communication is not just the ability to talk; it is the skill of delivering and receiving both oral and written messages. Here, the emphasis is not on the meaning of your message, but on its form and ingenuity.

11 Extremely Useful Tips to Have a Productive Day

Of course, not all days can be the same. You are a human, not a machine. But if you find yourself saying “The to-do list keeps getting longer” more than “I had a very productive day at work”, then you have landed on the right page. This blog is for everyone — managers, employees, and founders who want to get hold of their day and not get led by the tasks. Before I begin, I must mention that the spiraling to-do list isn’t necessarily your fault.

Is Flexible Working the Future Approach to Employment?

Every major or minor change in the world transforms the world’s ways to some degree. Nowadays, the world observed the lockdowns, isolations, and quarantines. Moreover, these uncertainties affected everything. A person’s lifestyle, way of thinking, and even how one works and does daily chores. In survey made by Gartner in 2020, 74% of organizations said they planned to move at least 5% of their workforce online.

14 Motivational Gifts Ideas to Boost Employee Morale

Sometimes it’s a hassle coming up with unique and affordable appreciation gifts for employees. Gone are the days when employees used to get excited from the usual and monotonous presents like notebooks with a brand logo or candy bags. To solve this problem, we have articulated a list of 14 unique motivational gifts ideas for your employees, and that too on a pocket-friendly budget. If you are a company owner your should remind your employees that they are valued and appreciated.

4 Signs of a Toxic Work Environment and Ways of Detoxifying It

We’ve all had dreadful mornings, difficult weekdays, and even frustrating months. You can usually get through a horrible morning, a difficult week, and acquire vital insights from a poor quarter but it’s not easy to get through a toxic work environment. It’s even difficult to accept that you may work in a toxic environment, and possibly even more difficult to perceive it. However, the indications are relatively common. They are, unfortunately, more common than you might assume.

12 Morning Motivation Tips to Kickstart a Productive Day

While it may be difficult, you shouldn’t ideally hurry into your day or despise mornings. They’re meant to be the highlight of the day. We have the perfect morning motivation ideas for you to empower your early hour routines and transform the mornings of your life. In this blog, you’ll uncover why mornings are so important for not only your day but your entire lifestyle and different ideas on how you can make them more motivated and inspirational.

What is a Mental Breakdown and When to Seek Emotional Support?

A workplace can be full of pleasant, exciting, interesting, gratifying, or productive energies. On the other hand, sometimes it can also be a source of mental exhaustion or fatigue leading to other underlying mental health issues. If left untreated, these illnesses might lead to more serious mental health problems such as a mental breakdown in the workplace. They can occur at any time and in a number of situations.

Zoom Webinar vs Meeting: Which Platform Works Best for Your Virtual Event?

Hybrid and remote working are increasingly becoming prevalent in today’s world. People can stay productive, connected, and engaged from anywhere with video collaboration solutions, thus they have proved themselves to be very efficient. But for most businesses, the dilemma isn’t if they need a video collaboration, but rather what type of video collaboration suits them the best.

Collaboration Tools: The Guide to Implementing and Cutting the Costs

Following the current world events, your company’s financial health is probably consuming your thoughts more than normal. You can be more cost-effective with your employees, time, and assets by collaborating in innovative ways. Many businesses save money by eliminating the need for several communication apps by using an all-in-one collaboration tool. Using a single tool allows you to focus on other integral parts of your organization.